City of Phoenix


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act policies for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Youth are currently under revision and will be posted as they are approved by the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board.



General Administration 

100.101 Administration Regulation 3.10

100.102 CED Goods and Services

100.102 Attachments: 

Attachment A - CEDD Goods & Services Procurement Policy

Attachment B - Formal Solicitations Procedure

Attachment C - Informal Solicitations Procedure

100.103 WIOA Program Income Policy

100.104 Revenue Deposit Processing with ATTACHMENTS A-D

100.105 Invoice Payment Processing Policy with ATTACHMENTS A-D

100.106 Audit & Audit Resolutions

100.107 WIOA Administrative Costs Policy 

100.108 WIOA Allowable Costs Policy

100.109 Records Management Retention Policy

Career Services

200.201 Basic Career Services

200.202 Individualized Career Services 

200.203 Follow-Up Services

200.204 Eligibility Adult & Dislocated Worker

200.205 Priority of Service 

200.206 Workforce Preparation Activities - Job Readiness

Youth Programs

300.301 Youth Program Policy 

300.308 Youth Support Services

300.311 Youth Incentive Policy

300.312 Youth Contract Risk Assessment Monitoring (CRAM) Policy with Attachments

300.313 Youth Hard Copy File Uploading & Retention

300.313 Attachments

          Attachment A - File Review Checklist

          Attachment B - EO Is Law

          Attachment C - Authorization to Release Information

          Attachment D - College and Career Blue Print

Other Programs and Initiatives 

400.403 Data Integrity & the Customer Participation Cycle

400.407 Performance Measures

400.413 Incentive Policy

400.416 Incentive Payments to Adults and Dislocated Workers

Support Services 

500.501 Eligibility for Supportive Services

500.502 Supportive Services Categories and Cost Guidelines

Training Services 

600.601 Training Services Eligibility

600.602 Training Services - Occupational Skills

600.603 Entrepreneurial Training Services

600.604 Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

600.604 Attachment 

          Attachment A - IWT Rubric

600.605 On-the-Job Training (OJT)

600.606 Customized Training

Quality Assurance

700.702 QA WIOA Program Monitoring  

700.702 Attachment

          Attachment A - Monitoring CAP

700.704 QA Equal Opportunity is Law

700.704 Attachments

          Attachment A - Poster English

          Attachment B - Poster Spanish

700.705 QA Nondiscrimination

700.706 Fraud and Abuse

700.707 Limited English Proficiency

          Attachment A - I Speak Cards

          Attachment B - Language Flyer

Business Services

800.801 BWDC Facility Use

800.803 Rapid Response


900.901 Shared Local Governance Agreement

900.902 Board Certification

900.902 Attachment

          Attachmen A - PBWD Board Certification

900.903 WIOA Data Validation Policy 

900.904 Open Meeting Law

900.905 ARIZONA@WORK Branding Policy

900.906 Job Center Certification

900.906 Attachments

          Attachment A - Part I Comprehensive - Job Center Certification Assessment Tool

          Attachment B - Part I Affiliate - Job Center Certification Assessment Tool

          Attachment C - Part II Job Center Certification Assesment Tool - Alignment with WAC

900.907 Professional Development

900.908 Eligible Training Provider List

900.908 Attachments

          Attachment F - Training Program Credential Checklist

900.910 State of Emergency

900.911 WIOA COVID-19 Policy

900.912 Conflict of Interest & Code of Conduct Policy