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Adult Job Seekers

ARIZONA@WORK-PHOENIX provides no-cost career counseling and placement services and covers the cost of training so you can focus on decisions to find your next career.


  • Determine your career goal through unique career assessments, workshops, and one-on-one career counseling
  • Pay the cost of earning a job-related certification, license, and credential
  • With specialized services for veterans, individuals with a disability, mature workers, and many other special classes of individuals
  • Connect with employers offering job opportunities with career growth possibilities
  • Network with other job seekers as a participant in the highly-sought SOAR employment readiness class series

Have questions about training programs? Please click on the video to find training providers and programs. 

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Learn how three job seekers achieved their career goals through their experiences in the SOAR class series.


  • Click here to create an online ARIZONA@WORK confidential account and profile connecting you to the Arizona Job Connection and start a job search from over 60,000 job openings
  • Upload your resume into Arizona Job Connection to make it easier for employers to find you for their job openings 
  • Check the calendar of job-search workshops and classes available near you 
  • Speak with a professional career counselor or job placement specialist by visiting your nearest ARIZONA@WORK Job Center 
  • Perform a quick career assessment to get some ideas on what types of jobs you like 
  • Take a keyboarding test to find out the number of words per minute you can accurately type. Call your nearest ARIZONA@WORK Job Center.

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