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Advanced Business Services Center

The Advanced Business Services (ABS) Sector Partnership is an industry-led, community-supported collaboration, dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of service centers in the greater Phoenix area. The Partnership is based on the core values of mutual trust collaboration, and commitment to action.



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The ABS priorities are:

  1. Career Path
  2. Talent Referral Network
  3. Branding/Awareness Campaign

Each of these priorities builds on and is within the scope of the two standing ABS Committees: Talent Development and Marketing. It is proposed that Career Path Mapping and Tacommlent Referral Network become part of the action agenda of the Talent Development Committee, and the Branding/Awareness Campaign become part of the action agenda of the Marketing Committee in 2018. In each case, new ROI metrics would be developed and a 2018 deliverable completed as described below.

The ABS Partnership currently has three primary areas of focus, with teams of business leaders leading each strategy.


Business champions called for leveraging the Local Work model to develop a new ABS Talent Referral Network. The Talent Development Committee would create “referral guidelines” to set the parameters for Network.  For 2018, it is proposed that the Talent Development Committee develop these guidelines and outcome metrics, and engage with Local Work to sign on companies to launch a pilot of the ABS Talent Referral Network.  


Building on the Talent Development Pilot Project and ABS Industry Forum, business champions envision a more comprehensive, multi-faceted branding and awareness “campaign” to change the image of the industry and encourage more local residents to choose ABS careers. This would include efforts to reach and educate high school youth as well as community college students and career changers. It would involve information on career pathways, high school outreach, actual and virtual tours of ABS businesses, internships and other work experiences, and other elements. For 2018, the Marketing committee would develop a Campaign plan and launch strategy with outcome metrics. 


Business champions from member companies proposed mapping career options in the industry.  This would involve companies working together to identify common career pathways, and the core competencies needed at each level.  The goal would be to produce a shared product, an industry-wide ABS career map that would be shared with local educational institutions and systems, impacting curriculum and informing students of the career possibilities of the industry.  For 2018, it is proposed that the Talent Development Committee create a map of ABS career options, along with metrics to measure its impact on students opting into ABS careers and local educational institutions and systems adapting their curriculum to prepare students for ABS careers.  


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