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Looking to keep your skills current? Want to learn a new skill? We’ve got you covered. ARIZONA@WORK and our partners offer a variety of training opportunities and registered apprenticeship programs to keep you in-demand.

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What Is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an earn as you learn workforce opportunity that allows apprentices to get paid as they learn a vocation through a skilled mentor. Often referred to as “other 4-year degree,” apprenticeships combine onsite workforce training with related classroom instruction turning a novice employee into an expert in his or her field.

To learn more about the Arizona Apprenticeship Program, watch this video. Explore apprenticeship opportunities throughout Arizona by selecting where you want to work.

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Arizona Career Readiness Credential

If you’ve been out of the job market for a long time, it can be a challenge to demonstrate you have the skills needed to thrive in today’s labor force. Instead of taking the time to go back to school, there is a shorter road to get back into the workforce.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s vision of “opportunity for all” has led to the creation of the Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC). ACRC tests job seekers on 7 key areas which are then used to demonstrate knowledge to future employers.

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