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Training Programs

ARIZONA@WORK connects your company with training programs your employees require.

Incumbent Workforce Training Program

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is designed to help your existing workforce obtain skills necessary to retain employment and prevent job loss. Training activities are carried out by the local workforce development board (LWDB) in conjunction with an employer or a group of employers for the purpose of assisting workers in obtaining the skills necessary to retain employment or avert layoffs.

On-the-Job Training

You may qualify to receive a reimbursement for staff engaged in productive work while participating in on-the-job training. 

Customized Training Program

The Customized Training Program is designed for specific requirements of an employer or group of employers, which is related to new production or service procedures, upgrading to new jobs that require new skills, workplace literacy, or other appropriate purposes as identified by the local board. Upon completion of the training, the employer must commit to employ or continue to employ the individual(s) who participated in the in the training.