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***COVID-19 Update*** [email protected] Santa Cruz County remains open. With respect for the safety of our customers and staff, we ask that everyone act with reasonable caution and only visit the center if absolutely necessary. Please take advantage of the information on this site and if you have any questions, please contact us at (520) 375-7670. Learn how to protect yourself and stop the spread of COVID-19. Visit and ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* [email protected] serves job seekers of all backgrounds, all skill levels—and all ages. Whether you’re an adult with years of job experience or seeking a new career path, we can put our programs and services to work for you. And if you’re a young person looking to find employment, get job training or further your education, we’re here for you too!

[email protected] also partners with employers to meet their workforce needs. With locally based services, we have the network to connect people and jobs. By helping businesses succeed and grow, we lay the groundwork for a stronger Arizona economy. And by sharing the solutions you need to find the right employees—right here, right now—we’re committed to real teamwork with you.


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