Pinal County

No Cost Business Services

At ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County, the preparedness and effectiveness of your workforce is our number one priority. Through the provision of comprehensive, locally based services that help build the Pinal County economy, we offer an array of no-cost innovative workforce solutions for employers.


  • Job Postings on Statewide job boards
  • Recruitment and Candidate Prescreening
  • Referral of Qualified Job Seekers
  • Workforce-related data analysis
  • Financial assistance for On-the-job-training
  • Registered apprenticeships
  • Tax Credits
  • Support during downsizing or restructuring


Recruitment Challenges

Finding a quality workforce can be difficult during challenging times. Some of the tools we offer to help with recruitment include:

  • Candidate Identification and Screening- Does your business have a limited capacity in Human Resources? Our professional staff can assist your organization with writing and effective job description, finding qualified talent, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews. 
  • Hiring Events- Have your workforce needs changed, causing the need for accelerated hiring? Is your business expanding and in need of additional workforce to meet increased demand? If so, a hiring event might be right for you! Whether it's at your place of business or in one of our professional settings, our team, can coordinate hiring events and put you face to face with workforce talent.

Workforce Preparation Challenges

Is your business encountering challenges related to a workforce that is unprepared to meet the demands of a 21st-century global economy? If so, check out these tools that are available to help you grow and develop your workforce.

  • Registered Apprenticeship- A registered apprenticeship is a voluntary, industry-driven system for occupations requiring a range of high-level skills. It is full-time, paid employment and training with built-in career placement. Registered Apprenticeships provided employers with the opportunity to grow and develop their own workforce. To find out more about integrating apprenticeships into your hiring practices, contact one of our business service liaisons.

  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)- Does your business need skilled workers but can't afford to keep hiring and training? OJT lets you hire and train workers in gainful employment opportunities and get reimbursed up to 50% of the employee's salary for your efforts. If OJT sounds right for your business, contact a business service liaison. 

  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)- Helps targeted workers move from economic dependency into self-sufficiency as they earn a steady income and become contributing taxpayers, while participating employers are able to reduce their income tax liability.