Pinal County

Workforce Development Projects and Initiatives

ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County strives to provide unmatched workforce development services to Businesses and Job Seekers throughout the county. In order to accomplish this, a team of professionals are constantly exploring ways to do things better! Some of our current projects and initiatives are described below.


On June 16, 2022, the Pinal County Workforce Development Board hosted “Challenging the Status Quo!” providing a forum to continue the collective effort in shaping the future of workforce development in Pinal County.  Below are the presentations from this event:

Liz Harris Tuck, Chair, Pinal County Workforce Development Board

Welcome to Challenging the Status Quo

James Smith, Director, Pinal County Economic and Workforce Development Department

Pinal County Economic Development Overview

Holly Kurtz, Director, Workforce Development, Center for the Future of Arizona

Lifelong Career Path Progression - Student to Job Seeker to Employee

Trevor Stokes, The Partnership for Workforce Innovation

Talent, Technology and Transformation - Labor Market Trends That Will Define Pinal County's Future

Remote Access to Workforce Services

In alignment with the Pinal County Workforce Development Board's vision, ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County is in the process of integrating remote service delivery via technology throughout the county. This effort attempts to leverage existing infrastructure to provide rural areas of the county with direct linkage to workforce development staff. More to come soon!