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Resume Best Practices


  • The chronological resume seems to be the most popular format used. 
  • Usually it will contain an objective and/or career summary statement and a chronological listing (from most recent to past) of all your employers along with related accomplishments. 
  • This type of resume is good for someone who is experienced within a specific field and wishes to stay in that field.
  • Use with caution if you are changing careers or have changed jobs frequently

Some of the advantages of a chronological Resume include:

  • This format is widely used and will be recognizable to most employers
  • Chronological Resumes clearly show promotions and positions held. 
  • Career growth could look favorable to a potential employer.
  • Resumes formatted in a chronological manner are logical and easy to read

Some of the disadvantages of a chronological Resume include:

  • Any gaps in employments will stand out
  • Frequent job changes will easily be noticed and could deter an employer from considering you for and interview
  • If you have limited work experience and transferable skills, both are emphasized in this format.


Functional resumes rely on strategically grouping key skills into different categories to demonstrate a candidate's qualifications and expertise for a particular job. This skills-based focus allows you to emphasize your strengths and soft-pedal a flawed or absent employment record. 

A functional Resume may be right for you if:

  • You've held a number of different or unrelated jobs during a relatively short period of time and are worried about being   labeled as a job-hopper, the functional resume (also known as a "skills-based format") could be the answer for you.
  • This resume format can also work well for those entering the workforce for the first time or after a long absence (such as recent grads with no prior formal work experience, stay-at-home moms or dads now seeking outside employment, or caregivers who have spent a year or more treating an ill or aging family member.
  • If it could also be a good choice if your prior work experience is more relevant to your current job target than what you're doing presently.

Some of the advantages of a functional Resume include:

  • Emphasizes skills rather than positions
  • Masks gaps in employment by placing work history towards the bottom of the resume
  • Logically organize varying experiences

Some of the disadvantages of a functional Resume include:

  • Lacks information for employers
  • Doesn’t emphasize growth
  • Often lacks dates showing length of jobs