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At ARIZONA@WORK-Southeastern Arizona, business is our number one priority. Cochise, Graham, and Greenlee Counties are a makeup of rural communities that have embraced their historic background and show individuality in each city. One of the challenges of serving rural counties is meeting the needs of each business in their distinct community. 


To meet these needs, your local Business Services Representative offers three major no-cost services. Each service is customized to meet your businesses needs. Before services are discussed, your local Business Services Consultant will have an initial meeting to determine what your needs are and what business goalsARIZONA@WORK can help you achieve.


It is important for your business to “Know Us Before You Need Us” so you can develop a rapport with your local Business Services Consultant, build confidence in utilizing our no-cost business services, and are aware of where to receive help when you are ready.


1. Recruitment Services - Providing innovative solutions and strategies that work

Job Posting - Distribute across the tri-County area via our our social media, e-mail blasts, with our partners, and on the state’s workforce database Arizona Job Connection; assistance with developing a job description also available

Candidate Matching And Pre-Screening - Utilize Arizona Job Connection to find and match job candidates who meet your key hiring criteria; conduct initial evaluations to identify experience levels and skill sets.

Skills Assessment - Help identify qualified candidates for your job openings.

Hiring Events - An opportunity for you to connect with available, interested, and skilled applicants; options for in our offices or yours.


2. Support Services - Offering information and expertise that work.

Labor Market Insight - Information on the changing labor landscape with data that bring the economic and occupational picture of your market area into focus.

Tax Credits And Incentives - Arizona companies that hire targeted employee groups or provide specialized training and services may be eligible for tax credits and incentives.

Rapid Response Services - For businesses that anticipate downsizing or restructuring, we offer layoff aversion, pre-layoff assistance and other specialized support.


3. Employee Development Programs - Delivering skills and trainings that work.

Job-Specific Skills Training - Provide access to customized training for your employees who require additional job skills.

On-The-Job Training (OJT) - Qualified employees can receive on-the-job training with their salary partially subsidized. OJT Handout

Apprenticeships - Private and public sector sponsors operate registered apprenticeship programs and cover training costs and wages.  



Southeastern Arizona BST provides seamless access to business services for Cochise, Graham, and Greenlee Counties. Contact your local Business Services Consultant or BST member today to learn more about the no-cost business services. Business Services Handout

Business Services Representative

Eric Grisham

Business Services Representative

Cochise County
Cell: 520-236-2844
[email protected]


Bobbie Reed

Business Services Support

Graham and Greenlee Counties
Graham: 928-432-6932
Greenlee: 928-439-4631
[email protected]


Coye Trujillo

Coye Trujillo

Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER)

Cochise, Graham, and Greenlee counties
Cell: (480) 710-7480
[email protected]


Teresa Celestine

Workforce Supervisor

Sierra Vista, Benson, Graha,m and Greenlee Counties
Sierra Vista: 520-458-9309
Graham: 928-432-6932
Greenlee: 928-439-4632
[email protected]


Elizabeth Kinder

Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor

Sierra Vista, Benson, Santa Cruz and Pima Counties
Cell: 520-255-5308
[email protected]