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The Pima County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is the local workforce board in Pima County. This 45 person board provides recommendations on local workforce policy and oversight of the local workforce development system referred to as ARIZONA@WORK Pima County One-Stop Job Centers, proud partners of the American Job Center network. WIB members represent a cross section of local area business representatives, consortiums, collaborations, education and resource providers. All members are appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors and maintained by the Clerk of the Board.

The Pima County WIB pursues its vision of "Quality Jobs • Qualified Workers" through the following goals: 1. Assisting people to obtain jobs in strategic industry sectors. 2. Supporting employers in finding and hiring qualified employees. 3. Engaging underrepresented labor pools by removing barriers to employment.

The WIB meets the second Friday of each month. For more information please see the Workforce Investment Board or email LWDB Director at [email protected]

Pima County Workforce Investment Board - Members

Member Category Term Expiration
Aric Meares Business September 30, 2025
Karla Morales Business September 30, 2026
Laura Oldaker Business September 30, 2023
Carol Stewart Business September 30, 2026
Lea Márquez-Peterson Business September 30, 2026
Danielle Duarte Business September 30, 2024
Dr. Mark Vitale Business September 30, 2024
Irisbeth "Iris" Matheny Business September 30, 2025
Peter Loya Business September 30, 2025
James Zarling Business September 30, 2025
Ramon Serrato Business September 30, 2025
Karen Molina Business September 30, 2023
Gladys Walker Business September 30, 2026
Dr. Deborah Bright Business September 30, 2024
VACANT (Hon. Dan Eckstrom) Business September 30, 2023
Steven Hosseinmardi Business September 30, 2026
Stefanie Litwiller Business September 30, 2026
VACANT (Jennifer Preston) Business September 30, 2024
VACANT (Lance Jones) Business September 30, 2023
VACANT (Ramon Gaanderse) Business September 30, 2023
Dr. Jordan Utley Business September 30, 2025
Karen King Workforce: Labor Organization Representative nominated by Local Labor Federation September 30, 2025
Paul Stapleton-Smith Workforce; Labor Organization Member or Joint Labor Management Apprenticeship Program September 30, 2025
Frank Grijalva Workforce; Labor Organization and Joint Labor Management September 30, 2025
Dylan Baysa Workforce; CBO September 30, 2026
Magdalena Verdugo Workforce; CBO September 30, 2024
Kathy Prather Workforce; CBO September 30, 2026
Trish Muir Workforce, CBO September 30, 2024
Brad McCormick Workforce; CBO September 30, 2024
Natalya Brown Workforce; CBO September 30, 2025
Dr. Vaughn Croft Workforce; Out-of-School Youth Organization September 30, 2024
Laurie Kierstead-Joseph Education and Training; Title II Adult Education and Literacy September 30, 2025
Dr. Ian Roark Education and Training; Higher Education September 30, 2025
VACANT (Abra McAndrew) Education and Training; Higher Education September 30, 2024
VACANT (Hon. Dustin Williams) Education and Training; Educational Agency September 30, 2023
VACANT (Kathy Prather) Education and Training; Educational Agency September 30, 2024
Victor Cardenas State Employment Service Office September 30, 2024
VACANT (Heath Vescovi-Chiordi) GECD September 30, 2023
VACANT (Susan Hyatt Dumon) GECD September 30, 2022
VACANT (Gina Pleas) GECD September 30, 2025
Michael Guymon GECD September 30, 2026
Mary K. Fleck GECD; Title I Vocational Rehabilitation September 30, 2026
Jorge Rivero GECD; TANF; Business September 30, 2024
Victor Gonzalez GECD; Philanthropic Organization September 30, 2024
Barbra Coffee Economic and Community Development Entity September 30, 2024


ARIZONA@WORK Pima County Documents

LWDB - Pima County Workforce Investment Board By-Laws (rev. 3/1/2022)

LWDB - WIB Current Membership 

LWDB - WIB Regular Meeting Schedule (PY23/24)

LWDB - WIB Standing Committee (PY23/24)

LWDB - Agendas & Minutes

LWDA - Memorandum of Understanding (2023-2026)

LWDA - Infrastructure Agreement (2023-2026)

LWDA- Shared Governance Agreement (rev. 1/18/2022)

LWDA - WIOA Organizational Chart 

LWDA - Local Plan 2020-2023


One Stop Operator 

SER-Jobs for Progress of Southern Arizona, Inc. is the ARIZONA@WORK Pima County One-Stop Operator. The Pima County WIB determined the roles and responsibilities of the OSO prior to conducting the required competitive procurement process that includes at minimum, to coordinate the service delivery of the required One-Stop Partners and service providers (20 CFR 678.620 a)

2021 to 2025

OSO Solicitation and Public Notice (4/28/2021)

OSO Solicitation (4/28/21)

OSO Contract (1/1/2022-6/30/2022), (7/1/2023-6/30/2024



LWDA partners are listed on pages 2 & 3 of the MOU


LWDA WIOA Title I-B Service Providers

Dorothy Krett and Associates, Inc.                   Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona            Tucson Youth Development

Catholic Community Services - Community Outreach for the Deaf and Pio Decimo                    SER Jobs for Progress, Inc.

Pima County Community & Workforce Development, Workforce and Education Division             Literacy Connects   

Tucson Hispanic Chamber                             YWCA of Southern Arizona                              The Center for Life Skills Development

All contracts can be viewed using Pima County OnBase program by searching for the "vendor legal name". Contracts are issued for services provided including professional services for workforce activities.


Eligible Training Provider List

In addition to the programs listed in Arizona Job Connection, LWDA Pima County maintains a list of local area eligible providers, for more information on how to become a local area training provider please contact Local ETPL Coordinator at [email protected]