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Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act requires employers to provide written notice at least 60 calendar days in advance of covered plant closings and mass layoffs. An employer’s notice assures that the State Rapid Response Dislocated Worker Unit can assist affected workers, their families, and the appropriate communities. 

Advance notice of closings and layoffs allows workers and their families transition time to seek alternative jobs or enter skills training programs. Upon receipt of a WARN or need for workforce reduction support, the State Rapid Response Team connects the employer to the affected Local Area Rapid Response Coordinator, who will contact the employer to coordinate local services and resources.

Additional information about the WARN Act can be found in the DOL Employer's Guide to Advance Notice of Closings and Layoffs

How to Submit a WARN Notice


To submit a WARN, an employer must include the information outlined in the WARN Notice sample and send to the: 

  1. State Rapid Response Coordinator or send a written letter to the (address below)
  2. Chief Elected Official of the unit of local government, which is the chairperson of the local government in the Local Workforce Development Area where the employment site is located; 
  3. Chief or lead elected officer of the representative(s) or bargaining agency(ies) of affected workers, or potentially affected workers; and
  4. Individual workers, who are not represented by a bargaining agency and who may reasonably be expected to experience an employment loss, including workers who may lose their employment due to “bumping” or displacement by other workers.

The WARN must include the following information:

  1. The business name and the address of the employment site where the plant closure or mass layoff will occur; 
  2. The corporate or company name and address, if different from the employment site; The name, email address, and phone number of a company official to contact for further information; 
  3. A statement as to whether the planned action is expected to be permanent or temporary and, if the entire plant is to be closed, a statement to that effect;
  4. The expected date of the first separation and, if applicable, the anticipated schedule for making separations; 
  5. The job titles of positions to be affected and the number of affected employees in each job title: Indicate if positions are remote, in-office, or hybrid.
  6. An indication as to whether or not bumping rights exist; 
  7. The name of each union representing affected employees and the name and address of the chief elected officer of each union, if applicable

Send WARN Notice

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Non-WARN Layoffs

Employers experiencing closures or layoffs who do not meet the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act are encouraged to contact the State Rapid Response Coordinator or the Local Area ARIZONA@WORK Rapid Response Coordinator. Regardless of the employer’s size or the number of workers affected, Rapid Response services will be offered when an employer reports closures or layoffs to the State or Local Rapid Response Coordinator.



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