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Employer Support & Resources

Employer Support and Resources

Arizona’s Rapid Response is a Workforce Reduction Support service that provides prompt layoff transition support to employers and reemployment services for employees affected by workplace layoffs and closures. Employers and affected employees are eligible for customized, no-cost services to mitigate the effects of workforce reduction. 

Rapid Response is delivered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and the ARIZONA@WORK system across 12 Local Workforce Development Areas. Employers facing any size of workforce reduction are encouraged to contact the State Rapid Response team for support and resources, even if layoffs are expected to be temporary or will not occur for several months.

Download the Rapid Response for Business Quick Guide for more details on how Rapid Response can support employers during workforce reductions, layoffs, and closures.

Explore Rapid Response Services and Resources for Employers

Confidentiality Concerning Layoff Decisions

Rapid Response services promote economic development and vitality. Sensitive information received during the WARN process is not publicly shared but used amongst partners to strategize a plan to deliver crucial services to workers and businesses in transition.

Lower Unemployment Tax & Costs

When Rapid Response services begin before the date of separation, less cost will be incurred as affected employees gain reemployment more quickly. Employer UI Taxes lower when affected employees transition quicker into re-employment.

Create Employee and Community Goodwill

Providing Rapid Response services and resources to a company’s affected workers impresses its commitment to reducing the effects of employment separation on its workers and community. This is good corporate citizenship in the community. Doing so also encourages employee morale and helps mitigate absenteeism before separation.

Statewide System of Support

ARIZONA@WORK  provides business and employment services, training opportunities, and community services to meet the employer and affected workers' short and long-term needs.



    The Rapid Response team can provide workers who are veterans and have been affected by layoffs with specialized resources to support them as they transition into a new position, including:

    Contact State Rapid Response

    Connect with the ARIZONA@WORK Rapid Response Coordinator in Your Community

    Arizona Tribal Workforce

    Diana Russell
    [email protected] 

    City of Phoenix

    David Chavez
    [email protected]

    Coconino County

    Regina Salas
    [email protected] 

    Maricopa County

    Tara Thain
    [email protected] 

    Mohave / La Paz Counties

    Sara Ungaro
    [email protected] 

    Northeastern Arizona

    Adam Garrard
    [email protected] 

    Pima County

    Gabriel Lopez
    [email protected] 

    Pinal County

    Moriah Robles
    [email protected] 

    Santa Cruz County

    Adrian Chamberlain
    [email protected] 

    Southeastern Arizona

    Vickie Simmons
    [email protected] 

    Yavapai County

    Leah Cickavage
    [email protected] 

    Yuma County

    Jessica Cisneros
    [email protected] 

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