Yavapai County

Local Board

Mission Statement

To Build Economic Success through Workforce Development Partnerships


We are the leader of innovative partnerships and services that support sustainable business solutions.

  • Teri Drew, Executive Director

    Teri Drew

    Executive Director

  • Anita Payne, Chairman

    Anita Payne


  • Mark Timm, Executive Committe Member

    Mark Timm

    Vice Chairman

  • Garth Bascom, Executive Committe Member

    Garth Bascom

    Executive Committe Member

  • Jacob Tibi


    Jacob Tibi

Full 2023-24 Yavapai County WDB Roster

To view the full Yavapai County WDB Roster, click the link below.


2023-34 Yavapai County WDB Roster


Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Yavapai County arm of the statewide ARIZONA@WORK workforce development system! As the Executive Director of the Yavapai County Workforce Development Board I am pleased to introduce you to resources that are available to local businesses and job seekers to attract, create and sustain a strong workforce partnership in Yavapai County.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a primary resource in Yavapai County for business attraction, expansion and retention. WIOA is a national service of the United States Department of Labor and is operated locally to meet the unique needs of Yavapai County to provide customized services for employers and job seekers alike. WIOA Partners in Yavapai County include the Northern Arizona Council of Governments, Economic & Workforce Development (NACOG EWD) for Title I Adult, Youth and Dislocated Worker Services; Yavapai College Title II Adult Education; Department of Economic Services Re-Employment Administration (DES)Title III Wagner-Peyser for Unemployment, Re-Employment and Veteran Services; and DES Title IV Rehabilitative Services Administration (RSA)Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) services to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

The Yavapai County Workforce Development Board (WDB and Board of Supervisors oversee service delivery of  ARIZONA@WORK system services, whether it be customized recruitment and placement services, such as national job postings and recruitment, specialized hiring events and candidate pre-screening to meet key hiring criteria. Customized training services are tailored to fit the employer’s unique needs and offer wage assistance and other financial incentives for the business owner.

Direct Client Services include career counseling, tuition assistance for approved skills training and certification, paid On-the-Job Training for long-term employment, apprenticeships and supportive services that further assist career placement and training success.

We are not an exclusive “club” – we are an inclusive and equitable system designed to meet individual industry and employment needs. We serve every Yavapai County population with two convenient American Job Center locations – 221 North Marina Street, Suite 201 in Prescott, and 1500 E. Cherry Street, Suite F in Cottonwood – or call us at (928)778-1422 and browse the website for more information.

WDB Point of Contact:

Executive Director Teri Drew [email protected] (cc [email protected]); (928)778-1422

Administrative Support – Julia Sawyer, Executive Assistant [email protected]; (928)778-1422.


Serving, Solving & Sustaining,

Teri Drew,

WDB Executive Director