Coconino County

Eligible Training Providers

ARIZONA@WORK Coconino County training providers offer workforce-related training to equip eligible job seekers for gainful employment. The Local Workforce Board regularly review training provider success and ensure that training is available for in-demand occupations in the local area.t

The Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is comprised of approved eligible training providers and training programs that are approved by the Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) and the State to provide Career Skills Upgrades to eligible participants.

The ETPL Policy is coming soon.

The ARIZONA@WORK Coconino County Local Workforce Development Board is scheduled to approve the Policy 1100 – Eligible Training Provider List at its Board meeting on March 21, 2024.

The Coconino County LWDB Policy 1100 – Eligible Training Provider List provides a breakdown of requirements and steps that are necessary for businesses to be listed as training providers for the local area. This policy is a requirement for all local areas that work with the local businesses and places of higher education to ensure community members and employees have the highest standard of training and education.

Key Insights

  • Training provider requirements
  • Training provider application process
  • Provider performance measures

Please note:

Along with the application you will have to submit at least one initial program.

Once your application is received by the State ETPL Coordinator, please allow at least 30 days for review and approval if any further information is required you will be contacted.

Once you have submitted your application you will be sent a Training Provider Assurances Form that will need to be completed and returned before approval.

Contact the Coconino County Local Workforce Development Board for further information and to start the process of adding your training opportunity to the Coconino County Eligible Training Provider List.

Approved Local Providers

View a list of current training programs.