Council Initiatives 

BuilditAZ represents Arizona’s latest workforce advancement, connecting workers with the skills and know-how needed for jobs in the state’s construction and trades industry with the goal of doubling the number of construction and trades registered apprentices. All of this work is aimed towards meeting the building needs of our growing 21st-century economy – from housing to semiconductor fabs to broadband and electric vehicle infrastructure.

The press release for the BuilditAZ Apprentices Initiative provides detailed information on how Arizona will accomplish its goals by 2026. 

Council Documents

Bylaws - The Workforce Arizona Council bylaws are set of rules created by and adopted by the Council to govern itself.

Workforce Arizona Council Strategic Plan - outlines the Workforce Arizona Council's priorities for the next 4 years.

Annual Report- The Workforce Arizona Council Annual Report is a comprehensive, Council-wide, inclusive report that illustrates the Council's activities for a prior year. The Annual Report, prepared by Council Staff, shows the effectiveness of the Council and provides data from other system stakeholders.

State Plan


  1. WIOA Local Board Governance Policy
  2. ARIZONA@WORK Job Center Structure of One Stop Delivery System Policy
  3. ARIZONA@WORK Job Center One Stop Center Operator and Service Provider Selection Policy
  4. ARIZONA@WORK Job Center MOU and Infrastructure Costs Policy
  5. Certification of ARIZON@WORK Job Center Policy
  6. ARIZONA@WORK WIOA Statewide Monitoring Policy
  7. Conflict of Interest Policy
  8. ARIZONA@WORK Brand Style Guide Policy
  9. Funding Allocation Policy
  10. Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Policy
  11. Local Plan Submission Policy
  12. Local Workforce Development Board Recertification Policy
  13. Substantial Violation, Sanctions, Decertification and Reorganization Policy 
  14. Designation of Local Workforce Development Areas Policy