Pinal County

Success Stories

Youth Program Participant

(May 2021) A program participant came to ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County's Youth program as a 17 year old HS dropout, without a drivers license and having never been employed. Over the past year and a half, this individual has completed three Work Experiences earning rave reviews from his employers. After attending one of our interview and resume workshops, this individual became gainfully employed, and eventually even passed his driving exam. Early on this program participant had passed four of the five GED tests; math was a challenge but this individual persevered and on the third attempt was able to pass with high scores successfully completing and earning a High School Equivalency (HSE).

Partnership with Lucid Motors

(Dec. 2020) ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County began assisting Lucid Motors in Casa Grande during the summer of 2019 and have since reviewed 3000+ resumes, screened hundreds of applicants, scheduled more than 600 interviews.  This effort has culminated in the hiring of more than 250 individuals.   Applicants have come from all over Arizona, the United States, and even other countries. As a result of this effort, in December, ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County was a recipients of the 2020 Workforce Arizona Council Outstanding Achievement Award. The work has been and continues to be collaboration with all Pinal County Workforce Development partners, but a huge shout out goes to our Employment Service team for working relentlessly to identify, screen, and schedule interviews.