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Employee Development Programs


ARIZONA@WORK is the statewide workforce development network that helps employers throughout the state recruit, develop and retain the best employees for their workforce needs. By helping businesses succeed and grow, we lay the groundwork for a stronger Arizona economy and by sharing the solutions; you need to find the right employees—right here, right now—we are committed to real teamwork with you.



Incumbent Workforce Training (IWT) is a federally funded grant program designed to meet the special needs of your organization to retain a skilled workforce.  IWT grant provides financial assistance for the delivery of training programs that provide your existing employees an opportunity to gain competitive skills necessary to avoid potential separation of employment.

For more information, download the “About IWT” or contact us at [email protected] or CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY!  Select "City of Phoenix" in the LOCAL AREA drop down menu.


OJT or On-the-job training, is an “earn-as-you learn” training that can offer local employers and job seekers access to Federally funded grant dollars.

In the past, you probably have interviewed a candidate that would fit your organization well, but they lacked the work experience to qualify for employment.  OJT is a program that helps you develop the working knowledge of a candidate, providing critical work life experiences, through mentorship, to remove barriers that may prevent an individual from gaining employment. 

For more information, download the “About OJT” or contact us at [email protected] or CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY!  Select "City of Phoenix" in the LOCAL AREA drop down menu.


For businesses that anticipate downsizing or restructuring, ARIZONA@WORK Rapid Response Services can help meet the needs of companies and employees with layoff aversion, pre-layoff assistance, and other specialized support. For more information contact our Rapid Response Team: the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Center (602) 256-3147.


Arizona companies that hire targeted employee groups or provide specialized training and services may be eligible for tax credits and incentives, from hiring qualified veterans and the disabled to operating within an Enterprise Zone. 

For an infographic and explanatory video with the eligible populations for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program CLICK HERE.  Additional important information for employers and consultants about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.