Robert D.
Warehouse Forklift Operator
Job Seeker

“They treated me really well,” Robert D. says, recalling the support and assistance he received through ARIZONA@WORK Coconino County. “I really benefited from the programs and services they offered me and other people at the time. I was kind of in a transition period—the place I used to work had closed—and they helped me out in a few different ways.”

“I worked closely with the people there, taking classes on interviewing skills, learning how to build a strong resume, and other really useful, important things for job seekers to know,” says Robert. “I know of other people here at the company who also went through some of the programs and got help in finding the right job.”

Robert continued to receive support from ARIZONA@WORK even after starting work in his current position. “They kept in contact with me, and even helped by providing some allowance for clothes I needed on my job. I’m grateful for all the help.”