Plans, Policies, Laws/Federal Regulations



Local Workforce Development Plan

[email protected] Pinal County Local Workforce Development Plan

Pinal County Economic Conditions and Workforce Analysis

Pinal County Strategic Plan

Pinal County Strategic Plan 2017-2020


State Workforce Development Plan

Arizona State Workforce Development Plan



[email protected] Pinal County Policies

Chapter 200 Adult and Dislocated Worker Policies and Procedures
Chapter 300 Supportive Services
Chapter 400 Training Services
Chapter 500 Youth Program Policies
  Exhibit 500A - Definition of Additional Assistance
  Exhibit 500B - WIOA Eligibility Checklist
  Exhibit 500C - Applicant Statement
  Exhibit 500D - Lower Living Standard Income Level
  Exhibit 500E - Determining High Poverty Census Tracks
  Exhibit 500F - Determining High Poverty Census Tracts Spreadsheet
  Exhibit 500G - Youth Program Incentives
Chapter 600 Equal Opportunity
Chapter 700 Complaints, Grievances and Appeals
  Exhibit 700A - Department of Labor Complaint Form
  Exhibit 700B - Alleged Violations of the Requirements of Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
Chapter 1000 Monitoring (Program Only)
  Exhibit 1000A Monitoring Corrective Action Plan


[email protected] State Policies (Core Partners+)

Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Policy and Procedure Manual

Employment Service Policy Manual

Vocational Rehabilitation Policy Manual

Trade Adjustment Assistance Policy Manual

Jobs Program Policy Manual

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Policy Manual


[email protected] Workforce Arizona Council Policies

01-2016     WIOA Local Governance Policy Approved           
02-2016 [email protected] Job Center Vision for One Stop Delivery System Policy Approved
03-2016 [email protected] Job Center Structure of One Stop Delivery System Policy  Approved
04-2016  [email protected] Job Center One Stop Center Operator Selection Policy Approved
05-2016 [email protected] Job Center MOU and Infrastructure Costs Policy Approved
06-2016 Certification of [email protected] Job Center Policy Approved
  Part 1 Assessment Tool  
  Part 2 Assessment Tool  




WIOA - The Law


WIOA Regulations

U.S. Department of Labor Only

U.S. Department of Labor/Education Joint

U.S. Department of Education (Title II - Adult Education/Family Literacy)

Miscellaneous Program Changes

WIOA Section 188 (Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity)

Registered Apprenticeship Program


USDOL Employment and Training Administration's (ETA) Advisory System

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Advisory System is used to disseminate ETA's interpretations of Federal laws, procedural, administrative, management, program direction and other information to the states, direct grant recipients and other interested parties.