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At [email protected] Pinal County, the preparedness and effectiveness of your workforce is our number one priority. Through the provision of comprehensive, locally based services that help build the Pinal County economy, our organization offers an array of no-cost innovative workforce solutions to employers just like YOU!


In order to offer the right services at the right time, it is important for us to understand your business needs. One of our professional Business Service Liaisons will serve as your single point of contact and establish a rapport with you and your organization. Our professional relationship with your business will allow us to provide the most effective services if and when you need them.

Some of the challenges and potential solutions are described below.


Unemployment rates are at record lows, which can make finding a quality workforce difficult. Some of the tools we offer to help with recruitment include:

  • Candidate Identification and Screening- Does your business have a limited capacity in Human Resources? Our professional staff can assist your organization with writing and effective job description, finding qualified talent, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews. 
  • Hiring Events- Have your workforce needs changed, causing the need for accelerated hiring? Is your business expanding and in need of additional workforce to meet increased demand? If so, a hiring event might be right for you! Whether it's at your place of business or in one of our professional settings, our team, can coordinate hiring events and put you face to face with workforce talent. 


Is your business encountering challenges related to a workforce that is unprepared to meet the demands of a 21st-century global economy? If so, check out these tools that are available to help you grow and develop your workforce.

  • Registered Apprenticeship- A registered apprenticeship is a voluntary, industry-driven system for occupations requiring a range of high-level skills. It is full-time, paid employment and training with built-in career placement. Registered Apprenticeships provided employers with the opportunity to grow and develop their own workforce. To find out more about integrating apprenticeships into your hiring practices, contact one of our business service liaisons.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)- Does your business need skilled workers but can't afford to keep hiring and training? OJT lets you hire and train workers in gainful employment opportunities and get reimbursed up to 50% of the employee's salary for your efforts. If OJT sounds right for your business, contact a business service liaison. 
  • Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC)- Are your new hires lacking foundational work readiness skills in areas such as communication, situational judgment, workplace reading and mathematics? If so, the ACRC may be right for your business. The ACRC prepares job seekers for success by demonstrating their command of seven skill areas that are relevant to every occupation, industry, and career pathway across the state. Speak to one of our Business Service Liaisons about incorporating ACRC into your hiring practices. 

Learn more about ACRC

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Recruitment Services- Providing innovative solutions and strategies that work

  • Job Posting- Distribute across the County via our social media, e-mail blasts, with our partners, and on the state's workforce database, Arizona Job Connection (AJC); assistance with developing a job description also available if needed. 
  • Candidate Matching and Pre-Screening- Utilize AJC to find and match job candidates who meet your key hiring criteria; conduct initial evaluations to identify experience levels and skill sets. 
  • Skills Assessment- Help identify qualified candidates for your job openings. 

Support Services- Offering information and expertise that work

  • Labor Market Insight- Information on the changing labor market with data that brings the economic and occupational picture of your market area into focus. 
  • Rapid Response Services- For businesses that anticipate downsizing or restructuring, we offer layoff aversion, pre-layoff assistance and other specialized support. 
  • Tax Credits and Incentives- Arizona companies that hire targeted employee groups or provide specialized training and services may be eligible for tax credits and incentives. 



Starting or growing a small business in a rural area can present unique challenges. Central Arizona College Small Business Development Center can assist with accessing key tools and resources required for success by new entrepreneurs and existing small business. To find out more, contact one of our Business Services Liaisons or connect directly with the SBDC.


From Industry trends to salary comparisons, having the right data can support your business' recruitment and retention decisions. Please email: [email protected] with any data requests. 


Depending on your workforce challenges, any of the above no-cost services can be tailored

to address your business needs. To get started, contact one of our professional

Business Service Liaisons today to tell us your story and receive a no-cost consultation!

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