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Pinal County - Local Board


The Pinal County Local Workforce Development Board (PCLWDB), appointed by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors and certified the Workforce Arizona Council (State Workforce Board) is charged with providing strategic guidance and direction for federal, state, and local workforce development funds and programs. The PBWDB oversees a the [email protected] Pinal County network of public and private partners, to coordinate a cohesive strategy for talent development within the county.

Roles and Responsibilities 

In accordance with the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Ac t (WIOA), the PCLWDB, in partnership with the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, shall perform those functions necessary and appropriate to implement the WIOA including the areas responsible such as setting policy and direction, and oversight of employment and training programs.  The functions to be performed as a part of this partnership include:

  • Develop a local workforce development plan for submission to the Governor;
  • Conduct workforce research and regional labor market analyses of the economic conditions in the region including the collection of research and data;
  • Convene, broker, and leverage workforce system stakeholders to assist in the development of the local plan;
  • Lead efforts to engage with a diverse range of employers and with entities in the region involved;
  • Lead efforts in the local area to develop and implement career pathways;
  • Identify and promote proven and promising strategies and initiatives for meeting the needs of employers, workers and jobseekers;
  • Develop strategies for using technology to maximize the workforce system;
  • Conduct oversight for the local workforce system and ensure appropriate use and management of funds for workforce activities;
  • Negotiate and reach agreement on local performance accountability measures;
  • Designate or certify one-stop operators and youth providers, and terminate for cause the eligibility of such operators;
  • Enhance coordination of education and training providers in the local area;
  • Develop a budget for the activities of the local area consistent with the local plan, subject to the approval of the chief elected official; and
  • Annually assess the physical and programmatic accessibility of one-stop centers in accordance with applicable laws.


To provide an environment for cultivating opportunities by using regional resources and partnerships to enhance the economy in Pinal County.


The creation of a quality workforce environment that connects jobseekers to employers.


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Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02 notice is hereby given to the members of the [email protected] Pinal County Local Workforce Development Board and to the general public that twelve or more members of the [email protected] Pinal County Local Workforce Development Board may attend meetings or functions listed below. These meetings or functions are not official Board meetings and no official business will be conducted or any official action taken. 

Pinal County Local Board Membership

Name Company/Association Representing
Udo Cook (Chair) Abbott Nutrition Business
Liz Harris-Tuck (Acting Co-Chair) Career Horizons Business
Jackob Andersen Saint Holdings, LLC Business
Jack Beveridge Empowerment systems, inc. Business
Patrick Camuñez Pinal County Business
Kyle Gallo Bank of the West Business
Patrick Johnson Danrick Builders, LLC Business
Moshe Klein Moshe Klein & Associates, PLLC Business
Lynn Parsons Coolidge Chamber Of Commerce Business
Susan Aguilar Central Arizona College Education and Training
Dr. Jani Attebery Central Arizona College Education and Training
George Arhin Arizona Department of Corrections Education and Training
Mark Kolb Rehabilitation Services Administration (DES) Governmental and Economic Development
Tim Kanavel Pinal County Governmental and Economic Development
Sandie Smith Pinal Partnership Governmental and Economic Development
Michael Wisehart Arizona Department of Economic Security Governmental and Economic Development
Charlie Estrada United Steelworkers, USWA #915 Labor
Lana Chanda Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Workforce
Joan Moore Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens Workforce
Dean Van Kirk Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Workforce


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