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Our #1 Job Is Helping You Find a Job

[email protected] is here to help job seekers like you. We have the services and programs you need to find, prepare for and keep the right job every day, we help people all around Arizona-of all ages and skill levels-connect with employment opportunities in a variety of industries. So... let's get to work!

How We Can Help

Put Our Services And Programs To Work For You

There are many ways we can help you find the right job, including:

What You Can Do

Put Your Job-Finding Powers Into Action

  • View job postings and upload your resume on the state's largest workforce database at Arizona Job Connection
  • Discover the full range of employment opportunities that are available
  • Learn about other job seekers we've helped find employment by reading their Success Stories
  • Start your own success story by finding your nearest [email protected] career center
  • Put all our services and programs to work for you by contacting your local [email protected] representative

Special Programs

  • Las Artes, Arts & Education

    A unique learning environment for youth ages 17-21. Structured classroom study combined with community art projects allow students to prepare for general education development (GED) testing and build employability skills by participating in community art projects.

  • Pima Vocational High School

    A School-to-Work Charter School with a focus on youth ages 16 to 21 years old who are looking for an alternative opportunity to succeed in obtaining a secondary education along with vocational training.

  • Emergency Services Programs

    Emergency assistance is available for eligible individuals/families who live within either Pima County or Tucson's City Limits. Based on funding availability, an agency may provide emergency assistance and pay for one month of rent and/or a utility bill and a vehicle repair.

  • Pima County Housing Center

    Job training and employment services for individuals who have been impacted by a home foreclosure.