Series 7 Cohort-Are YOU the Next Success Story?!

The last Series 7 cohort was a phenomenal success!  Some testimonials include:

“This was an outstanding program that provided us a roadway to enter the industry, placing us in front of outstanding companies.  I'd like to extent my utmost appreciation for giving me this opportunity and furthermore placing me in a position to begin a fulfilling career”  - Unemployed for 15 months

“I'm so excited for this new chapter!  Thank you and all who have been involved in making this program a reality”Job pathing opportunity to almost twice the current pay

“Thank you so much for coordinating this pilot program! Without it, I do not believe that I would have been able to obtain this new career opportunity” Unemployed for 6 months


*  Guided 8 week test Series 7 test preparation Opportunity for weekly remote tutoring each Friday

*  A series of practice exams are provided allowing you to build confidence for taking the FINRA exam

*  Open houses events will be offered throughout the program providing an opportunity to network with participating employers at their office

*  Opportunity to interview with leading financial companies

Once the 8 week program has successfully been completed and after you have been hired, you will sit for the FINRA test

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Monday, January 29, 2018
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