[email protected] City of Phoenix Policies

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act policies for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Youth are currently under revision and will be posted as they are approved by the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board.


Adult and Dislocated Worker Program Policies

200.201 Basic Career Services

200.202 Individualized Career Services

200.202 Attachments: ACRC Employer Trifold Flyer, ACRC Job Seeker Trifold Flyer

200.203 Follow-up Services

200.204 Eligibility - Adult and Dislocated Worker

200.205 Priority of Service

200.205 Attachments: Applicant Statement, Eligibility Checklist

300.301 Training Services Eligibility

300.302 Training Services - Occupational Skills

300.306 Entrepreneurial Training Services

Youth Program Policies

100.101 Introduction to the Youth Program

100.102 Youth Program Eligibility

200.201 Youth Program Eligibility - AJC Version

200.202 Youth Application and Participation

200.203 Youth Objective Assessment

200.204 Youth College and Career Blueprint

200.204 Attachment A - Youth College and Career Blueprint

200.205 Youth Program Elements

200.205 Attachment A - College and Career Blueprint

200.206 Youth Case Note Requirement

200.207 Youth Program Exits

200.208 Youth Follow-up and Job Retention

300.301 Youth Support Services

400.401 Youth Hard Copy File 

400.401 Attachments:  Career and College Blueprint, Authorization to Release Information, EO is the Law, File Review Checklist

400.402 Youth Program Monitoring 

Strenghthening Working Families Initiative Grant Policies

200.201 Grant Program Eligibility

400.401 SWFI Support Services

400.402 Child Care and Dependent Care

500.502 Worker Designation

Fiscal Policies

200.201 WIOA Program Income

200.202 Revenue Deposit Processing Policy

300.301 Invoice Payment Processing Policy

400.401 YouthBuild Fiscal Management 

500.501 Audits & Audit Resolutions

Board Policies

100.101  General Procurement Procedures

100.101  Attachments:  Attachment A - CEDD Goods and Services Procurement Policy, Attachment B - Formal Solicitations Procedure, Attachment C - Informal Solicitations Procedure

100.102  Procurement - Goods and Services

300.301 Phoenix Business Workforce Development Board Certification

300.301 Attachment: Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board Certification

300.303  OML Public Meeting

Business Services

100.101 Business Center - BWDC Facility Use

100.101 Attachments:  Facility Use Agreement, Business Center Reservation Form, Conference Room Guidelines, Business Center Waiver

300.301 Rapid Response

300.309 On-the-Job Training

300.310 Incumbent Worker

300.311 Customized Training

Equal Opportunity Policies:

501 EO is the Law with Poster in English and Spanish

502 Nondiscrimination and Nondiscrimination Procedures / Customer Complaint Form

503 Fraud and Abuse

504 Limited English Proficiency and Limited English Proficiency Procedures

504 Attachments:  Language Notification Flyer / Language Identification "I Speak" Cards

Quality Assurance Policies

101 Program Monitoring

201 Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

301 Records Management 

401 Contracts Management

601 Professional Development

601 Attachment:  Sample Quarterly Training Catalog


Program Year 2017-2018


How to Get Credit for a Non-WIOA Funded Credential

How to Calculate Income for WIOA Customers

How to Document Non-Completers of Occupational Skills Training